Martha Washington – 4oz.


Our  Ladies of LiberTEA Collection is headed up by none other than America’s first, “First Lady”. Without guide or role model, Martha Washington had to define the role and “write” the handbook, setting a high bar for the future. A reluctant political participant, she nonetheless rose when called upon to serve.  During the war years, she not only managed the estate at Mt.Vernon, but she also traveled to winter encampments to support and care for the General. She was an unstinting hostess, known for her hospitality. Tales of her bringing much needed supplies to the “rag-tag” army abound.  Known as “Patsy” to family and friends, she was called “Lady Washington” by the Americans she served.

Cherry may be associated with George, but to Martha we grant the luscious harvest of strawberry and rhubarb.* As sweet and delicious as a pie, our Martha Washington blend steeps to a gorgeous ruby red and compliments summer menus across the States. Raise your glass and toast America’s First Lady LiberTEA.
Ingredients:apple, hibiscus petals, rosehip seed, barley malt, beet root, rosehip peel, rhubarb, strawberry pieces
Naturally caffeine-free

*George was a pioneering farmer, experimenting with many crops and farming methods at Mt Vernon.  Rhubarb was planted there in  1788 and scarlet Alpine strawberry seed was introduced  in 1798.

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Summer has arrived! Get ready to celebrate with backyard bar-b-ques, Sunday picnics, and s’mores around the campfire.  When planning the menu for  family, friends and fun, make sure you include a pitcher or two of iced Ladies of LiberTEA.

 These Founding Mothers are at home for all red, white and blue gatherings. Choose from:  ripe RED strawberry herbal, apple pie WHITE tea or rooibos BLUEberry. Or better yet try all 3 new summer flavors.

Whether your warm evenings are lit by fireworks or fireflies, The Ladies of LiberTEA are certain to enhance this summer’s Americana vibe. Happy Birthday, America!

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