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Any discussion of the Ladies of the American Revolution must include an homage to Molly Pitcher, courageous and steadfast battlefield water-bearer. Historians argue that Molly is either just legend or a composite of many women. We would argue the latter. Stories abound of women who traveled to war with soldier husbands.  These Patriots nursed the ill and wounded, cooked, and laundered and mended clothing. Others stepped onto the field of battle to haul water to thirsty soldiers and overheated artillery, acquiring the nickname, “Molly Pitcher”.  Some even stepped into the breach to “man” the cannon when soldiers fell!
  • At the battle of Ft. Washington, 16 November 1776, Margaret “Molly” Cochran Corbin, took over the cannon after her husband, John Corbin was killed. She fired repeatedly until she, herself, was severely wounded. Disabled for life, she was included in soldier rolls until war’s end, discharged in 1783, and was the first woman to receive a military pension.
  • Mary “Molly” Ludwig Hays joined her husband William at Valley Forge in the winter if 1777. In June 1778, at the Battle of Monmouth, Molly carried water to men and cannons alike.  She , too, took over swabbing and loading the cannon when her husband fell wounded. According to eyewitness Joseph Plumb Martin, an enemy cannon shot passed between Molly’s  legs tearing her skirt and petticoat. She was uninjured and glibly remarked “it could have been worse” as she continued her voluntary duties. Later General Washington awarded her a warrant as a non-commissioned officer, thus changing her nickname to “Sergeant Molly”.
We honor all of the  “Molly Pitchers,” whomever they were, with  a true blue blend: a refreshing and mellow Blueberry rooibos tea. Blue for vigilance, justice and perseverance. Toast the legacy of the Ladies who gave so much for Independence!

Ingredients: green rooibos tea, blueberries, natural blueberry flavor, raspberry leaves, rose hips, hibiscus, cranberries, blue cornflowers

Naturally caffeine-free

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Summer has arrived! Get ready to celebrate with backyard bar-b-ques, Sunday picnics, and s’mores around the campfire.  When planning the menu for  family, friends and fun, make sure you include a pitcher or two of iced Ladies of LiberTEA.

 These Founding Mothers are at home for all red, white and blue gatherings. Choose from:  ripe RED strawberry herbal, apple pie WHITE tea or rooibos BLUEberry. Or better yet try all 3 new summer flavors.

Whether your warm evenings are lit by fireworks or fireflies, The Ladies of LiberTEA are certain to enhance this summer’s Americana vibe. Happy Birthday, America!

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