Put the kettle on to boil and gather round, ladies; I’m about to turn it loose. I’m gonna drop the dirtiest of words, the one that makes both men and women uncomfortable. It’s a big ol’  f-bomb…no no, not that one. This one:


Yup, that’s what I am.

Phew…got that out of the way. I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Marissa, and I am the owner of Loose Lady Tea Co. LLC. We proudly curate and blend some of the finest loose leaf teas on the market today. Why do we take the time and go this extra mile? Well…because…TEA!! The perfect beverage, if I do say so myself. Stay with me here. First off, it’s delicious. It has endless varieties and flavors, pairing well with any social occasion and with any shared meal.  For me, drinking tea has always made me feel happy and at peace and given me a way to socialize with my girlfriends, my mother, my daughter.

As the most consumed beverage, second only to water, tea is global, and its culture is rich with history, tradition, and ceremony. In western culture, the idea of tea drinking is often relegated to stuffy sitting rooms, lace doilies, and raised pinkie fingers. In truth, tea’s history, especially in the United States, is largely connected with rebellious acts. You might be thinking of the Boston Tea Party (and that’s true), but did you know that the women’s suffrage movement also began with a tea party, a real one this time?

And….we’re back to feminism. It’s unfortunate that this “F” word, like every other word associated with women, has taken on such negative connotations. Feminism in it’s truest form, is equality without any gender bias. I ask you, why isn’t everyone proud to stand for such high ideals? But we live in a world where even women…especially women…are uncomfortable with admitting their feminist leanings. To be a strong, happy, successful woman, one MUST be a feminist.

So…passion for tea and an undeniable feminist bent led me to create the Loose Lady Tea Co. The name itself is a play on words; a tongue-in-cheek reference to both loose leaf tea, and a re-appropriation of a phrase that is denigrating to women.

My premier collection of teas, my Ladies on the Loose, are named after female archetypes, familiar cultural icons but with a bad-ass twist. They are meant to inspire and empower women as they recognize their own strong and rebellious natures. Each tea is carefully formulated; every ingredient, flavor, and aroma thoughtfully chosen to represent the specific characteristics of the Ladies. In this collection, you will not only find yourself represented, but also your “sisters” – your girlfriends, your loved ones. Please, try them for yourself; empower your sisters as well. I really hope you enjoy them.

Love and sisterhood (and delicious tea!) may just save the planet.