Celestial Sorceress (spiced orange mocha black) – 4oz.

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chimney smoke + shadowy kitchen + starlit skies + whispered incantations

Deep in the forest, in a large clearing, a solitary figure gazes skyward as the last rays of the sun fade away and the first stars wink on. These hours, from dusk through moon rise and into first light is the secret realm of the Celestial Sorceress. She carefully observes the movement of constellations, planetary orbits, and phases of the moon. All are signs from the heavens that can foretell the future and fortune for those souls brave enough to venture to her ancient door in the murky light of predawn. Her cottage is steeped in shadow and mystery; her visage, ethereal and disquieting.  Worries fade away however, with the warmth of the blazing hearth, the homey fragrance of spices, and the softly spoken portents that weave a soothing spell.  The heady taste of the tea she offers is restorative and, with a start, you find yourself suddenly alone, back outside her door, as the rooster crows.

Prepare yourself for all the fates and fortunes of your day with this stimulating blend of black tea, yerba mate, and coffee beans combined with the divine flavors of cocoa and orange spice.  A rare treat to get you going.

INGREDIENTS: black tea, cocoa beans, coffee beans, mate, chicory, barley, cinnamon chips, orange peels, hibiscus, rose hips, star anise, natural orange flavor, flavors, vanilla, sea salt, citric acid

(contains caffeine)


(spiced orange mocha black) – 4oz.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in


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