Dearest Marmee at Yuletide – 4oz

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toasty kitchen + festive aprons + the smell of cookies + warm gingerbread

The cold and dark of year’s end is where you will find the warmest and brightest celebrations.  Even in the meanest of circumstances, gifts from the heart are joyfully made for loved ones far and near.  In a farmhouse kitchen near Walden pond,  the hearth is ablaze and the brick oven is made ready for holiday baking.  Marmee ties her apron and gathers stoneware bowls and baking pans onto the timeworn table. Gingerbread must be baked to send to Jo in New York. The old receipt is known by heart: a pinch, a scoop, a smidgen.

Today your own holiday recipes are lovingly written by hand. The ink fades on paper now stained from use.  As the dough is mixed, rolled out and baked the air becomes redolent with sugar and spice.   And memories.  A whistling kettle rouses you from your reveries Steep a pot full of Dearest Marmee at Yuletide anytime,  and recall the toasty kitchen, flour covered board and festive aprons that are the hallmark of holiday baking. Best of all experience the aroma and taste of fresh baked cookies and warm gingerbread. This holiday season, savor the magic.
ingredients: rooibos tea, ginger root, candied ginger pieces, cinnamon bark, cloves, cardamom, orange peel, sprinkles, natural gingerbread flavor, natural vanilla flavor
naturally caffeine-free

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