Erin, The Mother of Ireland 2 oz.


Other spellings: Éire; Ériu
Origin: the myth of Tuatha De Danann, Celtic Mythology
Symbols: harp and green Mantle or cloak
Although this triple sister Goddess predates the arrival of the Celts to Ireland, her legend flowed seamlessly into Celtic lore and mythology. She is both Sovereign and Goddess and traditionally revered as patron to this “land of abundance”. It is she who gave her name to her beloved birthplace: Éire–land!  For this reason, she is the personification of her beautiful verdant motherland and is usually depicted adorned with a brilliant green mantle. 
The remarkable lush green and earthy flavor of this organic ceremonial grade matcha is a fitting tribute to this courageous Mother of all Ireland. Enjoy a cup and you too will say “Erinn go brach” !
Ingredients: organic ceremonial grade matcha
Matcha Matcha Women Collection
Celtic and Courageous Series
Ceremonial Grade, Organic Matcha
Lush, pure verdant green reminiscent of the Emerald Isle and organic blends as mysterious, bright and spirited as their Celtic namesakes.

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Weight 2 oz


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