Kitchen Witch (ginger pear streusel white) – 4oz.

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chippy crocks + splattered recipe cards + wooden spoons + fragrant streusel topping

In centuries past, a small doll was hung in the kitchens of Western Europe and England. This special poppet was a talisman, preventing all manner of kitchen mishaps.  Cuts and scalds were avoided and food didn’t suffer the disaster of scorch, char, or boil-over. The doll was modeled after storied women who perform wonders daily in kitchens everywhere.  Using herbs, they concoct poultices, plasters, and potions to treat ailments and injuries. Produce from field and orchard is crafted into comfort food to sustain body and soul. This Kitchen Witch is  without a doubt a Keeper of the Hearth making home warm and welcoming, a place to nurture and nourish. Pots and bowls are her cauldrons, wooden spoons and ladles, her wands. Recipes are generously seasoned with mindfulness and love. Our Kitchen Witch tea is a delicious blend of luscious ripened pears, toasted coconut, coarse ground oatmeal and warm spice. All the comfort and flavor of fragrant, fresh from the oven pear crisp in each sip. Taste the magic. Feel the love.

INGREDIENTS: white tea, apple pieces, pear pieces, rolled oats, toasted coconut, candied ginger, cinnamon chips, apple pie spice, natural pear flavor

Contains Caffeine

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in


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