Merry Maiden – 4oz

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rosy cheeks + footprints in the snow + yuletide carols + peppermint kisses

When the calendar page turns over to the first day of December, Merry Maiden is ready, planning  festivities to last through the entire Christmas Season.  Regardless of shortened daylight hours and colder weather, she is sure to make each day special.  Silver light and frosted landscapes beckons the party out of doors.  There are sleigh rides, carols sung door to door, snowmen to build in the meadow, and angels to trace with arms thrown wide on the front lawn. Sometimes the fun is impromptu–a rollicking snowball fight before dinner!

The crunch of snow underfoot is accompanied be the heady scent of spruce and pine boughs as they are lashed to car roofs.  Stamping snow from boots, the Season’s adventures move indoors. Candy and cookie baking, gift wrapping and tree-trimming top the list. And on December 24th, family and friends gather to light the Yule log in the old hearth; it will burn warm and bright throughout Christmastide.

Merry Maiden tea blend is the perfect compliment to all your Holiday activities.  Rich, warm, dark chocolate and cooling peppermint combine perfectly to deliver aroma and flavor that defines the Winter Holidays. Drink it steaming from a thermos for on-the go refreshment.  Or savor it fireside when celebrations move indoors. Either way, savor the Season’s magic in your mug.

ingredients: black tea blend, toasted coconut, dark chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar), candy cane crunch

contains caffeine

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