Messy-Haired Muse – 4oz.

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Ah, Visionary! Bored with conventional wisdom, you push boundaries, break molds, and challenge the rules. But with bursts of imaginative genius, you inspire the creation of daring new ones. Your work space is in disarray – chaotic even. Pin boards are cluttered with outlandish ideas on post-its.  Your paint brushes are jumbled with ribbon spools. Messy hair, don’t care.  Because deep within you, where your true vision never sleeps, your focus is pure and crystal clear.  Your whole life is an art form, full of truth and beauty, and wonderful messes.

Your creative nature calls for a tea that is just as original as you.  Messy-haired Muse is a taste-tempting jumble of blackcurrants, lemon, elderberries, and a unique purple-leaved black tea that steeps to a lovely violet hue.  Unconventional, to be sure, just like you.

Ingredients: Purple tea, papaya, elderberries, lemon peel, currants, green tea, oolong, lemon juice, cornflowers, rose petals, flavors, hibiscus, citric acid, sea salt.

Contains caffeine

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in


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