Midwinter Mother – 4oz

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crisp mornings + flannel shirts + maple syrup + buttery pancakes

In the deep dark and cold of the season, Midwinter Mother keeps home warm, cozy, and inviting. Woolens are kept mended, flannel shirts hang ready, and hand crocheted scarves and mittens are on a peg near the door. The fire is laid and the kettle whistles softly.   In the chill dawn, before school and morning chores, the kitchen is made warm and fragrant by this loving early riser. And on Sundays, there are stacks of pancakes, hot from the griddle, with the sunshine of melting butter and golden maple syrup. Steep a mugful of Midwinter Mother tea blend, today. and savor the magic of sweet maple memories

ingredients: oolong tea, apple pieces, cinnamon bark, maple flavor, cardamom, safflower, natural creme flavor, cloves, maple leaf sprinkles

contains caffeine


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