Mistress of the Harvest (cranberry apple spice herbal) – 4oz.

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turning leaves + golden sunlight + tart cranberry + warm apple pie

The Autumnal Equinox heralds the arrival of the Mistress of the Harvest. This Lady is a lover of sweater weather, relishing the changing of the light and the turning of the leaves. The chill air at dawn does not faze this devoted Keeper of the Hearth who stirs glowing fireplace embers back  to life.  This attention to her duties means that there is plenty of warmth midday to ensure a bountiful harvest and full preparation for winter. AND enough crisp burnished days for Autumnal celebrations. Mistress of the Harvest tea celebrates the best of this golden season: hayrides, jumping into leaf piles, fall flavors and festivals. The bite of tart ripe cranberries and the warm sweetness of fresh baked apple pie will remind you what a full, magical season is fall!
INGREDIENTS:hibiscus, apple, rosehips, cranberries, elderberries, flavors, citrus peel, cloves, cinnamon chips, dogwood fruit, apple pie spice, sea salt, citric acid, malic acid

naturally caffeine-free

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Weight 4 oz
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