Not America’s Sweetheart – 4oz.

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She’s whiskey in a teacup. She’s a diamond that wants to stay coal. – Tom Waits

You are not America’s sweetheart. You’re certainly not sweet and demure or a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed paragon of fresh-faced beauty. They want the Girl Next Door — tell ’em to go next door. You were not born to be subtle; you know your mind and speak it without hesitation or apology. Strong and intelligent, you are also clear-eyed, kind and morally courageous. You are unpredictable in both word and deed, and you enjoy keeping others off balance. Bold and unexpected, you require a tea with a similar temperament. Not America’s Sweetheart is a bombshell blend of flavored black and green teas with its decadent combination of rich dark chocolate, sweet and tart cherry, and the deliciously forbidden taste of bourbon – smoky with notes of caramel and vanilla. Definitely an acquired taste, just like you. And you, Sweetheart, are REAL. You’re audacious, you’re uncommon, and you are just what America needs.

Ingredients: green tea, black tea, cocoa, brown sugar (sugar, molasses), mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, rose, sunflower, and calendula petals, natural flavorings

Contains caffeine

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