The Morrigan 2 oz.


Pronounced: Mor-eh-gehn
Origin: Celtic Mythology
Symbol: Crow
This Celtic triple sister Goddess has a long and complex historical tradition. A great queen, she is associated with the Circle of Life, birth to death and rebirth. As a shapeshifter, she is most often depicted as a crow or raven bringing portents from otherworldly realms. As a woman dressed in black she appears strikingly beautiful, strong, mysterious and a little intimidating!
This magnificent and courageous goddess has graciously lent her name to this dark and magical matcha blend. The flavor is rich, with hints of the earthy sweetness of cocoa and coconut, and the color is the fathomless midnight of charcoal. Try it once, you’ll be back. That’s no mystery!
Ingredients: organic activated coconut charcoal powder, organic coconut milk, organic tapioca maltodextrin, organic gum acacia, organic cocoa powder, organic ceremonial grade matcha, organic carob powder
(Because of its detoxifying nature, activated charcoal can interfere with medication. We recommend that you wait at least 3 hours after taking medication before consuming the matcha. This also applies to the contraceptive pill.)
Matcha Matcha Women Collection
Celtic and Courageous Series
Ceremonial Grade, Organic Matcha
Lush, pure verdant green reminiscent of the Emerald Isle and organic blends as mysterious, bright and spirited as their Celtic namesakes.

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