Tea Knowledge

General Steeping Instructions

Technically, there is no wrong way to make a cup of tea.  If you like the way it tastes, keep steeping it the way you do.  That being said, no matter how much money you spend on fine quality tea, if you steep it too long, or the water is too hot, it’s just nasty.

I’ve talked with so many people who say that they don’t like tea, only to find out that they’ve just never had good tea steeped correctly.  It makes a world of difference, let me tell you.

Shown above are my recommendations for each type of tea.  Though my way is not the end all, be all of steeping instructions, I  would suggest trying this way first, and then adjusting accordingly.  If you find you need a stronger tea, add more tea leaves for each cup of hot water.  Please, DO NOT steep the tea longer or with hotter water.  That will burn the tea leaves and change the flavor drastically for the worse.  (Unless it’s an herbal tisane.  You can steep those yummy blends forever without any problems.  No tea leaves involved; no burning or bitter flavor either). On the flip side, if it’s too strong or flavorful for you, just use less tea per cup.

If you want to make iced tea, double the recipe and then pour over ice after it steeps, as the ice will melt and dilute the flavor.  Not in a great hurry? You can always make the tea as usual and let it chill in the fridge.