Tea On the Go: Traveling With Style

If you’re as addicted to tea as I am, it’s hard to go throughout the day without it. Now that I am back to working  random, and sometimes long, retail hours, the daily grind is getting to me, and I sometimes find myself craving “tea and a sit-down”.   If only “tea- time” was a recognized institution in the United States.    As the old song goes: “When the clock strikes four, everything stops for tea.” …including me, that’s for sure.

Of course, there are ways to take your tea on the go, and I have found that my handy-dandy thermos, complete with built-in strainer, comes with me wherever I go…just in case I cannot make it one more second without my tea. It’s nothing fancy, but my thermos gets the job done.  In our fast-paced world, and on-the-go society, it’s pretty common to get your caffeine refuel from either a nearby coffee/tea shop.  Or maybe, like me, you get your fix from a close, personal thermos friend.

There have always been people who took their tea-drinking habit seriously, just like I do. But back in the day, when things were perhaps more leisurely (I’m not sure, I wasn’t there, but I’ve always heard about the good ol’ days),  tea drinkers took their favorite beverage on-the-go with a little more panache than just a utilitarian thermos.

Check out this beautiful traveling tea set from the late 19th century.

The box houses a kettle with stand, a burner, sugar bowl, tea pot, cream and milk jugs,  two cups and saucers, spoons and sugar tongs, as well as caddies to hold several varieties of  tea.  Now that’s traveling with style; it has everything you need in one elegant carrying case.

Or how about this traveling tea set from 1926 designed by Louis Vuitton…now I ask you, why don’t we have these today?  Because… ummm… I really want one.

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